Ready Printer One Mini Arcade 3D Printed Model

  • $12.65

This is the model for Ready Printer One, the 3D printed arcade cabinet with a rotating screen so you never lose any of your display space when switching between horizontal and vertical games. You will build this cabinet by hand with minimal soldering skills required. It can then be powered by a Raspberry Pi, and the Pi can be loaded with your favorite software, such as RetroPie.


  • Screen Size: 8" 4:3 LCD with a resolution of 1024x768
  • Bed size requirements: X300mm x Y260mm x Z125mm
  • Control Board: Raspberry Pi Model 3 (not tested with Model 4, but should fit)
  • Arcade Controls: Sanwa or Compatible Joystick, 7 x 30mm sanwa-style buttons, 2 x 24mm sanwa-style buttons
  • Power Requirements: 5v 2.5A (3A recommended)
  • Skill Level: Beginner, some soldering required
  • Filament Requirements: Less that 2KG. Originals printed in PLA
  • Supports: On some parts

Please note, all efforts have been made to ensure the repeatability of this model. Revisions may follow. You are purchasing only the model files required to print this cabinet. A Bill of Material is provided for your convenience. Software, games, and additional configuration items are not included. Buttons, joystick, and electronics are also sold separately. All sales are final. Not for resale, personal use only. Purchased files, as well as files derived from this model,  are not to be re-uploaded to other sites, or otherwise distributed without the designers express consent, please and thank you :)